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1617859DA/912/202417 Mutu StreetWOY WOYLight Industrial Units Consisting of 3 Units & Demolition of Existing Structures 20/06/202420 Jun 2024 10:4121 Jul 2024 Notification/Advertising21 Jul 2024 
1618607DA/3337/2022/A16 Sydney AvenueUMINA BEACHDual occupancy including Demolition (Amended Application)Dual 24/06/202402 Jul 2024 04:0721 Jul 2024 Notification/Advertising21 Jul 2024 
1618943DA/937/20248 Birdwood AvenueUMINA BEACHDwelling House, Residential Accommodation, Erection of a new structure 25/06/202402 Jul 2024 04:0721 Jul 2024 Notification/Advertising21 Jul 2024 
1609898DA/743/202433 Bay View CrescentBLACKWALLDwelling House, Supporting Development, Earthworks, retaining walls and structural support, Garage, carport or carparking space, Erection of a new structure 20/05/202422 May 2024 07:3402 Jul 2024 Notification/Advertising02 Jul 2024 
1614611DA/845/202436 Coral CrescentPEARL BEACHDwelling House 6/06/202406 Jun 2024 10:2402 Jul 2024 Notification/Advertising02 Jul 2024 
1604097DA/50977/2016/B4/190 West StreetUMINA BEACHDwelling Addition & Carport (Amended Application) 2821397629/04/202402 May 2024 09:4806 Jun 2024 Notification/Advertising06 Jun 2024 
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Submissions should be made before the closing date, advertised on the Council website (see link above). The council website does not always list the closing date.
Help with submissions is available from the Peninsula Residents' Association -
Submissions are likely to carry more weight if they align with the planning principles established by the NSW Land and Environment Court -
Peninsula News has produced a ready reference to those more frequently at issue on the Peninsula - download here.