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20 Mar 2023
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Varroa mite found on the Peninsula
Bus catches alight in Brisbane Ave
Italian Weekend planned for Ettalong in April
Happy ending for extended magpie family
First prizes to CWA branch members
Clean-up program 'uncertain' after trailer failure
Minister says koala translocation budget is exhausted
Fire brigade holds information night
Residents asked to complain about phone reception
The attraction of arboretum working bees
Fire fighters visit pre-schoolers
House fire in Booker Bay
Greens would introduce free public transport
Four election candidate join to protect Kariong land
Six groups receive Community Building funding
New kitchen opens at aged care home
Award for Latvian dresses doll
'Creative building fun' at library
Meditation to celebrate International Women's Day
Progress association wins top Tidy Towns award
Inner peace at Woy Woy library
Peninsula groups raise money through monster raffle
Painting workshop at Woy Woy library
CWA branch holds annual Easter raffle
Marine Rescue members receive new ratings
Brigade removes tree branch from road
Rotary club plants peace poles in Uganda
Restaurant celebrates five years of trading
Another dry month for the Peninsula?
Dual occupancy 'complies with planning provisions'
Parking and open space not compliant in three-unit plan
No greater disservice than to disenfranchise the voters
Where's the 'fair go' in this election?
When 'all Australia' does not include New South Wales
Gosford waterfront may stall at the drawings stage
Active case numbers triple in Woy Woy
Hospital phones temporarily out of action
Super-hero gift packs prepared for Gosford Hospital
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Opera was 'great success with beautiful weather'
Keith Potger to pay tribute to the Seekers at Troubadour
Cushion covers completed over two weeks
Organist wanted by nursing home
Student leaders attend young leaders conference
Music students to present a Night Under The Stars
Splashathon to be held on the last day of term
Fostering an intergenerational relationship
Donations made to Ettalong Public School
Under-14s team makes Buckley Shield final
Harmony Day to be celebrated on Friday
Parent-teacher interviews to require internet access
Kiera is Griffin of the Week
Students produce their own podcasts
Breakfast club serves 300 slices of bread
Boys water polo team plays in championships
St John's holds open days
Three Ettalong bowlers play in senior zone final
Swampies golf club donate to Kids in Need
Rugby club seeks players with 'transferable skills'
Top tennis results in junior state championships
Ducklings make it to grand final
Turn Around Triples attracts 28 teams
Bridge competition attracts less experienced players
Upside Down Pairs held at bridge club
Netball association holds meet and greet for umpires
Junior touch club holds presentations
First round of triples championship
Our 24th birthday - and another election
Pre-polling and polling booths on the Peninsula
GREENS - Hilary van Haren
LIBERAL - Dee Bocking
LABOR - Liesl Tesch
INDEPENDENT - Lisa Bellamy
Questions for the candidates: Do you support?
How responsive are our candidates to local concerns?
Two residents are Upper House candidates



Questions for the candidates: Do you support ...

As the local newspaper for the Peninsula community, Peninsula News is interested in the changes candidates can make for the Peninsula if elected to State Parliament.

Both our local government and the planning system which determine our quality of life on the Peninsula are the result of State laws and policies.

The following questionnaire was framed with input from the Peninsula Residents' Association and was sent to all candidates for their response.


Administration: Should Central Coast Council still be under administration? Should there be a maximum period set for local government administration? How long should we have to wait for local government elections?

Would you replace the Administrator with someone who does not have the conflict of interest of being the previous chief executive and with one who has a charter to represent residents?

Representation and ward boundaries: At least half the councils in NSW have less population than the Peninsula, and their residents elect their own representatives. Even with elections on the Central Coast, or a de-amalgamated council, there is no guarantee the Peninsula's voice will be heard unless the Peninsula has a ward of its own.

What measures will you put in place to ensure that communities the size of the Peninsula will have their own representatives in council and that ward boundaries will not be gerrymandered?

Would you ensure ward boundaries are based on community boundaries and are subject to an external review? How soon should this be implemented?

Governance: What are the lessons of the public inquiry into Central Coast Council? Have the various parties learnt their lessons? What changes should be made at a State level as a result?

How will you ensure councillors have the processes, structure and support to enable them to control the policy and performance of the council, and that there is tangible accountability to the community for both councillors and for senior managers of the council?

What changes are needed to help the council and its staff regain the trust of the public which it serves?

Would you provide the Office of Local Government with greater responsibility to ensure councils are more functional as participatory as well as representative local democracies?

Working with the community: What practical measures would you put in place to ensure that councils follow the wishes of local communities?

Should local communities determine local planning strategies, planning controls and planning decisions? Should this power be returned to councillors?

How would you/your government ensure residents have early meaningful engagement in council decision-making?

Should councils be required to publish all submissions made in response to its consultations, so that the community can benefit from the transparency of shared knowledge?

The Rule of Law?

Central to democracy is the Rule of Law which says the law should be equally and fairly applied to all people.

It requires that the law is clear, publicised, and stable, so that people know what is required of them and the law can be implemented consistently.

Meaningful laws: Many of the strategies, plans and policies adopted by Central Coast Council, including several required by State legislation, have been criticised by residents for being indefinite, and non-committal if not entirely meaningless.

What measures would you take to ensure they are written succinctly using an understandable, tangible and enforceable wording?

Enforceable laws: The nature of planning on the Peninsula derives from State law and policy. The detail of planning provisions applying to the Peninsula are contained within the council's Development Control Plan. Many approvals have been issued which are not compliant with the DCP and council planning staff have described it as being discretionary guidelines only.

Should the "rule of law" apply to the Development Control Plan? Would your government require compliance with it? What measures should be available to residents to ensure its integrity is maintained, eg subsidised access for residents to the Land and Environment Court?

Liveable neighbourhoods?

What is needed to protect the quality of life in the Peninsula's local neighbourhoods? Should the well-being of our community and the lifestyle that attracted our residents here be protected? What will you/your party do about this for the Peninsula?

Urban environment: What would your Government do to reduce the Peninsula's "heat island"? How would your government achieve the Greater Cities' target tree canopy of 40 per cent for the Peninsula sandplain? Would it mandate larger minimum private open spaces for new developments?

Should our "dunny lanes" be used as new street frontages, as we have seen in recent development applications, or should they be retained as shady back lanes to be used as part of an active transport network?

Housing diversity: The terms "housing diversity" and "housing affordability" have become code phrases to justify the approval of similar or identical multi-dwelling developments, with large areas of concrete surfaces, which have had the effect of increasing land prices on the Peninsula with no corresponding reduction in dwelling prices.

Do you support true diversity of new housing development on the Peninsula, offering a range of housing at a range of prices, and ensuring the availability of home ownership to people on minimum wages? What action will you take to achieve this?

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