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6 Feb 2023
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Gosford more than 30 minutes away, document shows
Men's Shed soon to apply for occupancy certificate
Pearl Beach event raises $1400 for Mingaletta program
Bays community group to hold annual meeting
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Springwood St section to be closed for six months
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Free walkie-talkies for 'worthy organisation'
Fifth wettest January in 19 years
Application to raise floor and ceiling heights
Application lodged for eight three-bedroom dwellings
Facility planned for 'allied health professionals'
Meeting to 'make sense' of council plans
Community land hearing to be held tomorrow night
Memorial Ave park not included in community land plan
Land plan has 33 blocks not in 2014 list
Six parcels of community land dropped from draft plan
Transport plan created on outdated philosophy
Floodplain study is essential reading for all residents
Only developers benefit as Hong Kong is built here
Self-determination or simply another developer?
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Behind-the-scenes opportunities at Little Theatre
New drawing class at Ettalong
Patchworkers start a new term
Little Theatre has first production of the year
Author to talk about living at peace with the world
Bathroom beautification takes place during holidays
Canteen helpers wanted
Canteen will be operated by catering company
Voluntary ethics teachers wanted
Sprinting in the holidays
Professional learning for the year ahead
Aiden plays his 50th game
Junior basketball resumes after holidays
Bridge club plays Australia Day Pairs
Netball registrations wanted 'as soon as possible'
Four medals in branch championships
Stand-up paddleboard event for Guide Dog clients
Netball club founder receives life membership
Bowler takes seven wickets for 21 runs
Hitting 93 runs from 102 balls
'Fantastic response' to Meet and Greet
Netball association seeks rep team managers
School carnivals dominate pool use for two months
New signings for Roosters
Runners heed 'call of the hills'
Summer Pairs played at bridge club
Four medals won at branch championships
Assistant tennis coach wanted
Judo club to pilot 'Wudo'



Only developers benefit as Hong Kong is built here

For those who have not been to Hong Kong, let me briefly describe it for you.

It's a small city, on a harbour, packed with tiny one and two room apartments in high rise buildings deprived of natural sun light, sea breezes and views of the hills and mountains are obscured by dense smog.

It is a buzzing city of retails shops and markets and most people travel by foot or, if they can afford it, trams and buses.

During the evenings, after most work has ended, every park is jam-packed with people of all ages escaping the oppression of a crowded room to exercise and socialise.

It's an amazing place to visit, but you'd need a very good reason to live there.

As a resident of Umina Beach for over 50 years, I've seen lots of change and accept it is inevitable.

I've seen single family homes converted to dual occupancy, three or four units built on a single block and now we are witnessing those same blocks doubling and tripling that capacity.

Yet we have the same three roads connecting us to the outside world (once two, but someone had foresight to build the Rip Bridge).

Our rail line is at maximum capacity and, in peak and school times, it can take 30 or 40 minutes to travel 10 kilometres.

I'm predicting that within 20 years we will replicate Hong Kong.

The only beneficiaries in all this are the money-hungry developers.

People may say that 50 years ago I probably bought my home for $20,000 dollars, and that's true.

But my income was $3000 a year and I paid for it by spending three hours daily standing on trains to get to do my eight hours work.

I don't mind sharing what has been a wonderful lifestyle with holiday makers and other residents, but by quadrupling the full-time capacity we are destroying that which we love.

People are moving in, only to have a multi-storey building approved on their door step, blocking the sun, negating any investment made to install solar power, robbing the area of street parking for visitors and adding to noise and traffic congestion.

Get involved, join the Peninsula Residents Association, and vote out the current State Government who have created this situation.

The previous council would not bow to pressure from the State and had funds cut.

We now have an administrator hell-bent on doing maximum damage before we get a chance to vote in a council we want.

I don't know what a change in State government will do, but this one certainly isn't listening to the people.

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