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Collapse Issue 563:<br />20 Feb 2023<br />_____________Issue 563:
20 Feb 2023
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Westpac closes Woy Woy branch
Kariong land rally held outside Tesch's office
We're proud of our talented volunteers
Residents call for more detail about floodplain works
Disaster funding review will benefit electorate, says Reid
Koala 'translocation' not ruled out, says Minister
Chamber calls funds to upgrade and rebuild roads
Council to get $4.08 million to fix 2238km of roads
Greens announce Gosford candidate
Dog baits found at Pearl Beach
Chess club seeks more members
Raffle proceeds buy food for Mary Mac's
Umina dunecare resumes
Clean-up at Pearl Beach
Pearl Beach fire brigade seeks new members
Call for 'single ladies' for home maintenance workshop
Reid launches Friends of Uluru Statement group
Full-fibre NBN upgrades available in Umina next year
'Distressed vessel' towed back to Lions Park
Arts and crafts centre holds annual meeting
Environment group holds annual meeting
Country women meet at surf club
Read Aloud Book Club meets
Lotto win
Dry start to February
Council refuses multi-dwelling development
Three identical multi-dwelling proposals in the one street
Second storey dwelling proposed for laneway house
Ettalong medical centre could be relocated
ACF group calls for 'due process' in council land plan
Draft plan of management may be unlawful, says CEN
Interactive online map of council-managed land
Practically impossible to comment on transport plan
'Future of Housing' meeting shows lack of participation
Booker Bay Christmas lights raise $2752
Swimming pools are in short supply
When will the council take action on flooding?
New technology helps detect pressure injuries
Aged care home explores ways to fill staff shortage
Active case numbers remain steady
Health self-management workshops at library
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Enda Kenny to appear at folk club after lockdown delay
Annual charity event to be held at arboretum
Patchwork group completes projects
College is third-most improved in State
First whole school assembly in three years
Courtney represents college at 'First Class' exhibition
Bridget to represent region in tennis championships
Students learn 'safe dance practice'
School holds parents' evenings
Woy Woy South meeting on Thursday
Selected for rugby league combined zone trial
New swim caps in house colours
Students selected for touch football zone team
Spirit passed at five wickets down
Three runners celebrate milestones at park run
Women's bowling club plays Fours Championship final
Malibu club takes part in three-way charity challenge
'Sensational day' at Mixed Fours Carnival
Valentine's Day bridge attracts big field
Blair wins bridge club individual championship
Woy Woy Lions to hold annual sport lunch
Free training to become swimming teacher
Women's soccer players wanted
Under-18s soccer coach wanted
Disabled surfers need help
Surf club holds Rainbow Beaches event



Practically impossible to comment on transport plan

The Draft Regional Transport Plan 2041 is now on exhibition, with comments being invited (closing on 24 February).

In this context, your article ("Gosford over 30 minutes away, transport document shows", PN 562) only emphasizes what I have pointed out on multiple occasions, which is that Gosford is unsuitable as the regional centre which should be nearer the population centre of gravity which is around Tuggerah.

However, the contrary conclusion of the Regional Plan is that Gosford should somehow be made to come within 30 minutes of the whole LGA, without giving the slightest indication of how this desirable situation could be brought about.

If the Department of Transport can produce a workable scheme for bringing the northern extremities of the LGA within 30 minutes of Gosford, we should see it and, then, we'd be able to make an intelligent comment about it.

As it stands, the report provides nothing but generic "solutions" that could have been copied from any planning textbook.

The crux of the publication comes in the Key Initiatives section which lists 80 items that have to be dealt with over the next 18 years.

Of these, 43 are in the "Investigation" phase.

However, a "plan" where more than half of the "key initiatives" haven't even been investigated doesn't seem to have yet reached a level of maturity that justifies the name.

These items might better be termed "Vague Ideas That We'll Get Around To Looking At In The Next 10 Years, Maybe", and it would be tedious to list them, because most of them are largely meaningless generalities, and many of them have only the most tenuous connection imaginable to any of the region's transport requirements.

For instance, "investigating dual signage opportunities" hardly seems like a vital contribution to improving the lifestyle of our community, and others are just as nebulous.

The "Planning" phase includes such hardy perennials as the chimeric fast-rail project (no report would be complete without it) which has been studied by experts more than once and determined to be unfeasible but which is so dear to the hearts of our planners that it won't lie down and die.

We also have such ambitions as "transition of passenger vehicles to EVs": perhaps, this is to be fully achieved by the provision of a charging point at Woy Woy, but the linkage is not made clear.

The old adage that our reach should always exceed our grasp is a fine one, but there comes a point where reality has to be matched against fantasy.

This report could have been half the length (or less), if it had focussed on crucial points, instead of inflating every trivial side issue into an opportunity for departmental grandstanding.

Obviously, this publication has no value as a "plan" from which programs and projects might be derived.

It is equally obvious that it is practically impossible to make any meaningful comment about it.

Perhaps, this was the intention from the start.

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