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10 Jul 2023
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Free shuttle ferry service starts today
No extra cleaning for Pearl Beach amenities, says Hart
Man charged after woman dies on Ocean Beach Rd
Bank celebrates 25 years of community bank model
Three Rotarians to take part in Variety Bash
Peninsula donations build house for Cambodian family
Club's oldest member attends changeover
Volunteers wanted for Wednesday morning dunecare
Woy Woy library celebrates 75 years
CWA members make bread and butter pudding
Woy Woy Rotary holds changeover dinner
Dementia cafe provides social get together
Naidoc Week event well attended
Aged care costs presented at Woy Woy library
No objection to tourist map, but . . .
Rotary club represented at district changeover
Smartphone workshops held at Patonga
Men's Shed to decide whether to relocate garden beds
Men's Shed makes hive boxes for native bees
Weekend of training for Marine Rescue
Aged care provider nominated for business award
Australian film features at Pearl Beach movie matinee
Social evening for Rotary club
Men's Shed help with Tea Cosy Expo
Local women wanted for Women's Advisory Council
Reid calls for mindful use of plastics
Strategic planning for veterans' support services
Second lowest June rainfall in 19 years
Height exception requested to fix flats' roof leaks
Three-unit proposal supported despite non-compliance
Brickwharf Rd decision shows benefits of submissions
Planning Panel calls on council to involve it in appeals
Residents encouraged to request landscape plans
Panel approves DA involving council staff member
Action on flooding? It won't happen
First residents to move into aged care extensions
Breastscreen bus leaves after another season
Aunty Di joins Hall of Fame for dedication to service
Umina health service wins Patients First Award
Accreditation review includes 'a lot of positive feedback'
Provider calls for more aged care funding
Ready to get back in the pool
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Actors sought to fill two lead roles in October
Getting started with eBooks?
Double-header at next folk club concert
Festival seeks administrative support volunteer
Winter floristry offered at arts and crafts centre
Finished projects shown at patchwork group
Course about painting from photos
Bishop leads mass for school's 100th anniversary
Dressing up as 100-year-olds
'Game On' for Umina disco
Jack Edmunds wins Excelsior Award
College features teacher profile in social media
Mariners' vibe manager visits local schools
'Meal deal' for athletics carnival
Photography winners chosen
Students do 30 push-ups every lesson for a month
Disco to be held to raise money for 'decodable' readers
Reverse Mufti Day raises money for charity
Students invited to submit 90-second video speech
Two students spell their way to represent school
Community childcare has Teddy Bear Picnic Day
School visit mentioned in Federal parliament
Umina E-Gals win 4-0 against Kincumber
Handicap Pairs championship final played at Umina
IRB championships held at Ocean Beach
Bridge club holds annual winter teams championship
Tour de Central Coast is just over the half way mark
Terrigal women have clinical win
Four life memberships awarded by surf club
One-sided clash saw Gosford run out winners
Third loss at home for Southern-Ettalong
Terrigal wins in scrappy soccer match
Warnervale win in a one-sided match



Height exception requested to fix flats' roof leaks

Roof modifications, which would exceed the maximum permitted height of 8.5 metres by 16.4 per cent, have been proposed for a two-storey residential flat in Booker Bay.

The application for 58 Booker Bay Rd states that the modifications would overcome problems caused by "less than satisfactory building construction, waterproofing and finishes".

"The budget is over $800,000 for remediation, membrane waterproofing, removal, and repair of concrete cancer, and completely coating all external blockwork waterproofing and paint."

The modifications include the installation of 28 solar panels generating 10kW, described as a "solar farm".

The application, prepared by Axiom Solutions Ltd, states: "The development seeks to vary the maximum building height of 8.5 metre by 1.397 metres which represents a departure of 16.4 per cent.

"The length of solar farm roof that breaches the height is 7.6 metres which represents only 14.9 per cent of the overall roof length.

"Compliance with the development standard is unreasonable or unnecessary in the circumstances in this case as the underlying objectives of the control are achieved, despite the non-compliance to the numerical development standard."

The existing building has four units, two on the waterfront and two facing Booker Bay Rd.

Parking is located centrally.

Unit 2 and Unit 4 are partly roofed by a hipped roof and partly by a roof garden.

According to the application, since being built "before 2010", the roof gardens have both been responsible for extensive water egress to all units and have caused "concrete cancer" in the top level slabs.

For Unit 4, it is proposed that one side of the existing hipped roof be converted into a gable and projected over the entire roof garden.

This new gabled roof would also enable space for the installation of solar panels at some future point.

For Unit 2, at the waterfront end of the building, the hip facing the waterfront would be replaced by a gable to avoid an internal gutter and most of the roof garden would be covered by a lean-to solar roof consisting of 28 solar panels.

Shadow diagrams have been provided in the drawings, which appear to show additional shadowing to be minimal.

The application states that several "non sustainable" aspects of the building's original design and limitations in the existing electrical wiring have led to an "inability to respond" to spiralling electricity costs or to provide electric vehicle charging.

It claims that the solar installation and its possible expansion would provide a solution to these problems while at the same time fixing the long-running problem with leaks.

"The unit owner considers the loss of approximately 70 per cent of the roof garden amenity a small price to pay for energy sustainability initiatives and to have sustainable electric vehicle charging."

The application is currently on public exhibition and open for written submissions.

The closing date for submissions has not yet been notified.

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